Leaky Bathtub

I woke up in the morning and discovered that I had a pretty big leak coming from my bathtub. I had to call a Manchester emergency plumber right away because this was going to turn into a big mess. I turned off the water supply that was coming to my house so the water would quit leaking. I had to wait about 5 hours before a service repair man came out to my house.

It took him a couple of hours before he was able to get the proper parts and finish the job completely. I was very thankful that he was very honest and could of charged me way more for the job, he even gave me a coupon that made my bill lower. I was very happy with my overall experience with the service repair man.

Why Did You Say That?

As usual, I didn’t say what my husband thinks he heard. He has a hearing problem and he as well as everyone around him would benefit from his investigating digital hearing aids, if only he would. He would rather not. He admits he can’t hear as well as he used to, but he also points out he has an odd sensitivity to sound. He is constantly adjusting the volume on the TV to keep it in a very limited range. When the background music or action is too loud, he turns the sound low. A few minutes later, I am straining to hear the dialogue and turning up the sound while he’s asking me what was just said. His hearing loss comes from a loud environment, and when he was there I understood his resistance. He’s in an office now. I wish he would check it out.

Getting Revenge on Older Siblings

Yesterday was my sister’s fortieth birthday. I suppose you could say that she’s now over the hill. She still doesn’t look old and in fact she’s the youngest looking of all of us, but she is the eldest sibling and so we like to crack all sorts of jokes about her being so old. Growing up she always took so much pride in being older than the rest of us children. She would command us to do things for no other reason than that she was older. It became a running joke between the rest of us that the oldest person alive should be ruler of the world with her logic. So now that she’s reached that milestone of being forty years old we all decided to chip in and get her a package of adult nappies as a joke gift. Needless to say she wasn’t too thrilled to receive it.

I Hate Carbon Paper

I am the worlds worst when it comes to using carbon paper. The copies usually come out smeared not matter what I do or how hard I try to not make a mess. I remember one time I had to make a lot of copies using carbon paper. I was working in the front office and had people coming in that I had to greet. I would see people looking at me strangely but no one said a word. When I had to go the rest room I saw why they were looking at me strangely. I had carbon paper on my nose and under my right eye. It almost made me look like someone had taken a punch at me. I was so glad when NCR books came out, meaning I could make copies without the use of carbon paper. That made my life a lot easier.

Fresh Cookies

Teaching my son the values of running your own business I decided to help him do just that, run his own business. Given that I had recently shown the eager 12 year old how to bake cookies, we settled on a cookie-selling business. We built a stand out of some plywood, got permission from the appropriate parties including our neighborhood association, set it out in our front yard and got to work.

Part of showing him all the ropes was gathering all the necessary supplies to run a successful small-scale bakery in the front yard. We needed a cash register, so I went and got a small lock-box from the garage. We also created some very professional-looking signs to advertise our business, and of course we also gathered things like plenty of wholesale plastic bags for packaging, NCR pads for writing receipts for larger orders, and even accessories for our iPad that let us process credit card payments.

It was a joy showing my son how to start and run a business. It truly is best to start out small so that the potential for growth becomes a reward in itself. Through it all my son learned some many valuable lessons that he will be able to apply in his future endeavors, whether he enters private sector on his own or not.

My First Apartment

I can remember trying to obtain my first apartment. It was the best feeling of my life, because finally I would be off on my own building my own life as an adult. I had a full time job that I had kept for a year after graduating from high school. My parents were so excited by the whole process that I was thrilled to have their support.

When I went to apply for my apartment, I remember the leasing agent telling me that I would need proof of income by bringing in check stubs from the job. The problems with this is that we did not get check stubs. My throat sank inside my stomach because I knew I was not going to get the apartment.

I turned and walked away from the lasing agent with disappointment getting ready to walk out the door, when the leasing agent informs me that if I can get a statement from my boss using the company’s letterheads, I would get the apartment. Guess what? I got the apartment!

Shopping With Grandma

I had to take my grandmother shopping once a month for all of her necessities. She had a stroke over 10 years ago and she walked pretty slow and my grandfather did not have the patience to take her, so I volunteered. My grandfather was always at work and when he wasn’t at work he did auto repairs in his garage for extra cash.

We would first go to get her prescriptions and incontinence pads from her local pharmacy and medical supply store. From there we might stop and pay a utility bill or two and then off to the grocery store. After the grocery store we would go order some fast food to take home. Finally back to grandma’s house to unload all of the groceries and then eat some food. Fun day!

Determining Your Event Budget

There are a lot of fun parts of planning a wedding, but most couples do not enjoy working out all of the details of their wedding budget. However, budgeting is a necessary part of planning. Although the process of setting a budget can be tedious, a budget is actually freeing. It allows you to know exactly how much you have to spend. Once you have determined the amount, you and your partner can work together to determine how you want to spend your funds.

No matter what society says, you should spend the bulk of your money on the areas that are important to you. If you have always dreamed of having wedding fireworks, you can choose a cheaper wedding dress to free up some funds. If food is important to you, add shrimp and lobster to the wedding menu while settling for artificial flowers instead of pricey live flowers.

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