Common Products With Uncommon Uses

It has long been said that necessity is the mother of invention and that has been proven true many times over in the home maintenance and repair industry. Harried homeowners often find unique shortcuts and quick fixes for common household ailments. When there is no time to call on a professional contractor or handyman to make minor adjustments in the home before a big event, homeowners become creative and invent their own methods of home repair.

Using the handle of a broom or mop is an easy way to unclog a sink drain or reactivate a trash disposal that has jammed. Small nail holes can be patched with toothpaste rather than a combination of silica flour and other concentrated dusting compounds. These rather unorthodox solutions are usually effective, at least in the short run, and make the home presentable for parties and other entertainment purposes.

Why Did You Say That?

As usual, I didn’t say what my husband thinks he heard. He has a hearing problem and he as well as everyone around him would benefit from his investigating digital hearing aids, if only he would. He would rather not. He admits he can’t hear as well as he used to, but he also points out he has an odd sensitivity to sound. He is constantly adjusting the volume on the TV to keep it in a very limited range. When the background music or action is too loud, he turns the sound low. A few minutes later, I am straining to hear the dialogue and turning up the sound while he’s asking me what was just said. His hearing loss comes from a loud environment, and when he was there I understood his resistance. He’s in an office now. I wish he would check it out.

I Hate Carbon Paper

I am the worlds worst when it comes to using carbon paper. The copies usually come out smeared not matter what I do or how hard I try to not make a mess. I remember one time I had to make a lot of copies using carbon paper. I was working in the front office and had people coming in that I had to greet. I would see people looking at me strangely but no one said a word. When I had to go the rest room I saw why they were looking at me strangely. I had carbon paper on my nose and under my right eye. It almost made me look like someone had taken a punch at me. I was so glad when NCR books came out, meaning I could make copies without the use of carbon paper. That made my life a lot easier.

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